What’s cookin’, good lookin’? Get your hands on various Pyrex Amish Butterprint sets including mixing bowls, casserole dishes, and containers for those leftovers! What else can you bid on in this auction? Heavy with antiquity, this catalogue presents a large selection of unique, vintage Christmas ornaments and décor, an 1870 German regulator clock, a vintage blue armchair and sofa, a 175-year-old longcase clock, an opalescent vaseline glass epergne, a model ship, and international Wild Rose silverware! Find other intriguing items like Royal Albert fine bone china, a 3-tier German Nativity pyramid, a Danby deep-chest freezer, and local, original artwork from artist H.E. Boswell! Go retro in style with the dated yet tasteful living room set and unique octagon mirror; spruce up your home with a spider plant or the sweet wicker planter; feed your brain with this assortment of books; lose yourself in this incredible auction and bid, bid, bid away!