The extensive private clock collection of well-known Antiquarian Horologist Irene Hartwick will be available by auction beginning April 5th at 12 noon. Irene’s clock collecting began with her husband’s family clock – an Eli Terry & Son wooden works shelf clock. She attended Fanshawe College in London and learned how to repair clocks from a Latvian Jeweller, Harry Kramins. For almost 40 years, Irene and her husband George repaired and restored clocks at their home, Antique Clocks at Kildonan in Ontario. She is a 40-year member of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors. It is now the time in her life to share the exquisite clocks and books from her collection with others.

In this auction you will find an eclectic collection of fine antique clocks that have been chosen for their beauty, originality and eccentric value. The elegant antique clocks include longcases from several countries around the world, Viennese wall regulators, and many fine English, Dutch, Austrian and French Clocks. Of special interest are antique musical clocks, cathedral clocks, antique bronze figural clocks and Austrian Vienna regulators. Many also include the ultimate in decorative metal work, silver and gilt cased clocks, the beauty of natural figured woods and complicated quality movements. Having studied clocks and their makers, Irene has also accumulated a collection of over 200 hardcover books which will be included as well. It is estimated that this auction will contain well over 200 lots of sundials, tools, clock parts and high quality merchandise.

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