Art Consignment Auction – Guelph, ON

This amazing art auction contains 120 lots of rare originals, prints, art books & more! Some items include: Janos Viski oil on board (1891-1987), Canciani oil on board (dated 1888), Bokros Istvan acrylic on canvas, Shwan originals, Ken Kirkby signed prints, Franklin Carmichael prints, Peter Etril Snyder signed prints, A.J. Casson prints, A.Y. Jackson signed print, M. Brown original oils, along with wood sculptures, soapstone carvings, along with art books by Robert Bateman, Norman Rockwell, Peter Etril Snyder, Keirstead.

This online auction runs from Sunday April 5th – Thursday April 9th, 2015. To view complete auction, click here.

P2120859 P2230818 P2230671 P2230641 P2200716 P2130503

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