This auction has something for both the inside and outside of your home.  For the outside you’ll find a variety of high-end maintenance machinery such as tractors, a chipper vacuum and a snow blower.  For the sporty side of outside you’ll find skis and fishing rods.  For the inside of your home, this auction has many treasures.  For your walls, you may want to consider bidding on one of those pencil-signed, numbered works of art by either Picasso or Salvador Dali.  For your dining room table, you can add sparkle, elegance and intrigue by bidding on either the Birks crystal, the Aynsley cups and saucers, or the Pantalcraft / Baribocraft bowls – or maybe all of the above.  Then, for your kitchen, how about a (most exciting!) First Edition, Julia Child, ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’ cookbook?   For every other room in the house you’ll find a great selection of well-made, beautifully crafted furniture.  Why not take a look?  Good Luck and Happy Bidding!