This is a massive auction with over 900 lots – so get comfy and enjoy perusing this catalog.  For anyone thinking about starting a new hobby – look no further – this auction has everything you could ever want.  Search on words like geode, cluster or chunk to find this catalog’s vast selection of rocks and minerals.  If you want to take up something a little more hands-on why not consider calligraphy, or better yet, learn how to juggle using those beautiful antique wooden juggling clubs!  This catalog also includes an amazing variety of rare vintage Barbie dolls.  Interestingly, those most intriguing are the Barbies not named, ‘Barbie’ at all, but rather, Princess Diana, Rose from Titanic, Jackie Kennedy and more!  There is also an extensive collection of extraordinary antique furniture, lovely Royal Doulton, and one-of-a-kind stained-glass lamps.  So much to see.  Something for everyone.  Special note to all crafters – what you want will likely be here.  Enjoy!