Candi Werx Storefront Closing Sale – Hamilton

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January 21 – 25, 2024

What a sweet lineup! Candiwerx is closing their storefront, and you can take advantage of the candy store sale of a lifetime! Add unique, workhorse equipment to your kitchen line up with a Kitchenaid mixer, espresso machine, drink mixers, soup kettle, panini press or hot chocolate machine. Collector items abound – Pez and Snoopy, M&M displays, Jelly Belly wall and ceiling hangings and candy advertisings. Spruce up your home or business with some great display racks, café seating, TVs and signs.  Celebrate every holiday 2024 will throw at you with the large selection of seasonal décor; Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas – they’ve got it all! This auction will satisfy all your cravings, so get signed up, get browsing and get bidding!

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