Significant Generational Collection Dispersal – Brampton

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December 10th – December 14th @7pm

Take a peep in this extensive catalogue – over 600 lots in this collection, and what a collection it is!

8-Tracks, the Fonz, a young Tom Cruise – if these are stirring up any nostalgia, you are in the right place! Vintage toys that you played with as a kid are up for auction, including Barbie’s Dream Boat, The Six Million Dollar Man game, the Bionic Woman Beauty Salon, a vintage muppet or a View Master. Keep going through the good old days with hockey and baseball memorabilia from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, pop and beer bottle collections or even vintage Playboy and Sunshine calendars.

Make a statement this Christmas, with Noel Candles and Santa blow molds, a statement nutcracker, wreaths, lights, vintage tree decorations or even a snowman dinnerware set, and prepare for guests with outdoor items like a Craftsman snowblower, power washer, wheel barrow or garden bench.

That’s not all! A Biltmore western hat, authentic Bowie knife or Mushie kitchen set is also on the block and so many unique pieces, you won’t want to miss it!

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